Letter from Ray Rogers to Kevin Wildes, Marc Manganaro, Roger White, Luis Miron & Gita Bolt

August 18, 2014

Loyola University
New Orleans, LA 70118

To: President Kevin Wildes; Provost Marc Manganaro; Interim Dean Roger White; Professor Luis Miron and, General Counsel Gita Bolt:

Please find attached a report entitled, "Has LOYNO's Catholic-Jesuit Mission Gone Awry? The Case of Sharron Mangum."

In representing Ms. Mangum in her search for justice to compensate her for the abuses she suffered at the hands of Loyola University, both as an employee and after her Notice of Constructive Termination, we had hoped that University administrators would act responsibly and enter into settlement talks as suggested in my July 1, 2014 letter to General Counsel Bolt, copied to President Wildes, Provost Manganaro and members of LOYNO's Board of Trustees.

Since the University did not respond to amicably resolve the Magnum case, we find it necessary to initiate a public campaign in pursuit of justice for Ms. Mangum and to hopefully prevent similar abuses by Loyola in the future. The public outreach campaign will be supported by a comprehensive lawsuit demanding a jury trial to accompany the EEOC complaint pending against LOYNO. Several law firms have expressed interest in Ms. Mangum's case.

We are seeking a monetary award for Ms. Mangum. The award must fairly compensate her for the years of irresponsible, clearly discriminatory and unlawful conduct allowed and/or intentionally directed against her by university administrators and some of her superiors and associates. This conduct has cost her substantial past economic losses and will have a long lasting impact on her livelihood and ability to increase future earnings.

Furthermore, the award must take into account the willfully negligent and mean-spirited behavior of some Loyola administrators and superiors and the heavy toll that reprehensible behavior has taken on Ms. Mangum's emotional and physical health, her well being and overall quality of life as she tries to build a new career and face an uncertain future.

We suggest that you share this letter and report with LOYNO's Board of Trustees and Provincial Fr. Ronald Mercier, and others in the Jesuits USA Central and Southern Province, as this case will eventually impact and involve them.

Before we send this report to them and campaign around the issues presented publicly, we want to give the University another opportunity to enter into settlement talks. We also want to give you the opportunity to dispute the allegations presented in the report. If we do not receive a positive response from you by Monday, August 25th, we will begin to widely disseminate the report and initiate other activity in the Campaign for Justice for Ms. Mangum. We hope that that does not become necessary.

Best Regards,

Ray Rogers
Corporate Campaign, Inc.
(718) 852-2808