Letter from Ray Rogers to President Fr. Kevin Wm. Wildes

June 10, 2014

Fr. Kevin Wm. Wildes
Loyola University New Orleans
6363 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118


Re: Sharron Mangum's Notice of Constructive Termination effective June 9, 2014

Dear Fr. Wildes:

Corporate Campaign, Inc. has been retained by Ms. Sharron Mangum to represent her in claims against Loyola University New Orleans ("LOYNO"). LOYNO has been identified by Ms. Mangum as the employer that has caused her harm since February 2010. My client alleges that LOYNO:

1. defrauded her of rightful entitlement to be appropriately classified in title, position and salary for the duties she held while employed with LOYNO.

2. discriminated against her based on age and race.

3. caused her severe financial and emotional distress.

Please consider this letter to constitute formal notice that until and unless we are able to resolve our client's claims, we demand that LOYNO or any of its agents, representatives or other personnel not delete or unlawfully conceal any evidence &mdash records, testimony or other information — from the referenced matter that is in its possession. To do so otherwise would constitute legal malfeasance, which is punishable under criminal and civil laws.

It is Corporate Campaign's hope that LOYNO will take action immediately to resolve this matter with Ms. Mangum to prevent her further harm. Accordingly, if you do not contact me at 718-852-2808 within seven (7) days from the date of this letter, we shall pursue every opportunity for Ms. Mangum to receive justice in this matter.

Ray Rogers
Corporate Campaign, Inc.

Christine Lelong

Board of Trustees
J. Kevin Poorman
John J. Finan, Jr.
Rev. Peter Rogers, S.J.
R. Bentley Anderson, S.J.
Virginia Angelico-Tatum, D.D.S.
William A. Blase Jr.
James M. Bowler, S.J.
Michael L. Braden, S.J.
Robert Brown
James A. Caillier, Ed.D.
Edgar L. Chase, III
Donald C. Faust, M.D.
David M. Ferris
Anne B. Gauthier
S. Derby Gisclair
T. Frank Kennedy, S.J.
Dr. Rachel Kent
Barry D. LeBlanc
Rita Benson LeBlanc
Robert A. LeBlanc, Jr.
James R. McBride
Joseph E. Mahoney
Joseph M. O'Keefe, S.J.
Sean O'Keefe
Paul Pastorek
Kevin P. Quinn, S.J.
Richard P. Salmi, S.J.
Stephen Sauer, S.J.
N. John Simmons, Jr.
Paul Soukup, S.J.
Ileana Suquet
Carol G. Waguespack