Letter from LOYNO Gen. Counsel Gita Bolt to Ray Rogers

June 17, 2014


Ray Rogers
Corporate Campaign, Inc.
Cooper Station
P. O. Box 1002
New York, NY 10276·1002

RE: Sharron Mangum

Mr. Rogers:
Reference is made to your June 10, 2014, correspondence to Kevin Wildes, President of Loyola University New Orleans. For future reference please direct all communications regarding this matter to my attention: Gita Bolt, General Counsel.

Loyola University New Orleans ("University") has not terminated, nor constructively terminated your client Sharron Mangum. Pursuant to federal law, the University has a right to request a second opinion as it relates to FMLA requests. The University is simply complying with the law, contrary to your client's statement, " ... attempting to harass her or create a hostile environment. .. . " As you are aware, your client has seven (7) days to respond to the request for additional documentation regarding her FMLA request. Please find this as an official request to finalize your client's FMLA documentation. This information should be submitted on or before June 24, 2014.

Your failure to submit the required documentation means that your client is outside of the guidelines as set by FMLA, and therefore, in violation of University policy. If your client fails to submit the required paperwork to proceed with the processing of her FMLA request then she is required to return to work immediately. Her failure to return to work would be considered job abandonment pursuant to policy.

As it relates to the claims made by your client in her June 9,2014, correspondence, the University conducted a thorough investigation into these matters on at least two (2) occasions and found no evidence of misconduct. Ms. Mangum was represented by counsel during the second investigation. In addition, the University responded to these same issues in the EEOC complaint filed by your client.

Thus, the University denies all claims made by your client and we await either her submission of the necessary paperwork or communication that she does not plan to return to work.

I look forward to your response.

Best regards,
Gita P. Bolt
General Counsel