Letter from Ray Rogers to LOYNO Gen. Counsel Gita Bolt

June 19, 2014
VIA Email

Gita Bolt
General Counsel
Loyola University New Orleans
6363 St. Charles Ave., Campus Box 9
New Orleans, LA 70118

Dear Ms. Bolt,

I am responding to your letter dated June 17, 2014 RE: Sharron Mangum. At your request, I will direct future communications to you regarding this matter. However, I will also copy Fr. Kevin Wildes and others who need to be kept acutely aware of what is being discussed. Their reputations and integrity, and the good name of the University, are at risk when those in charge keep dragging their feet on properly addressing the serious misconduct described in Ms. Mangum's letter to Fr. Wildes and copied to Loyola's Board of Trustees on June 10, 2014.

I consulted with my client, Ms. Mangum, and she feels the tone of your letter is a continuation of the bullying and intimidation tactics she has experienced during her employment at Loyola. This disgusts her in light of her admirable work performance and dedication to Loyola University. Her mission now is to seek justice for herself and to make sure that what she has suffered during her employment at Loyola doesn't happen to other employees while their pleas for fair treatment get swept under the rug. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was correct when he told the world, "Justice too long delayed is justice denied."

Your June 17 response appears in error on all accounts:

By no stretch of the imagination did a fair, impartial, independent or "thorough" investigation of Ms. Mangum's allegations of misconduct ever take place. Anyone who would suggest otherwise would believe that it makes sense for the fox to be put in charge of guarding the hen house.

Ms. Mangum states that her physician, Dr. ****** *******, has complied with fulfilling Loyola's Human Resources Department demand for "additional documentation" regarding her FMLA request. However Loyola University has not complied with her physician's request to reduce Ms. Mangum's work-related stress due to the excessive workloads and responsibilities placed upon her by her superiors. This negligence on the part of the University's top administrators will only be exacerbated by further efforts on their behalf to stonewall rectifying the injustices done to Ms. Mangum.

We hoped, and continue to hope, to amicably resolve this situation which has already festered too long. From your letter, it would appear that Loyola administrators might be operating under the "Ivory Tower" syndrome and will continue their unjust treatment towards Ms. Mangum.

If this is the case, we shall proceed with our plans to take the necessary actions to speed up the process to win justice for Ms. Mangum and to help assure that Loyola administrators and its agents adhere to Loyola's "commitment to moral values and ethical behavior."

Please do not hesitate to call me should you wish to discuss any matters relating to Ms. Mangum's case.


Ray Rogers
Corporate Campaign, Inc.

Fr. Kevin Wildes, President
Marc Manganaro, Provost

Christine Lelong, Liaison to Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees

J. Kevin Poorman
John J. Finan, Jr.
Rev. Peter Rogers, S.J.
R. Bentley Anderson, S.J.
Virginia Angelico-Tatum, D.D.S.
William A. Blase Jr.
James M. Bowler, S.J.
Michael L. Braden, S.J.
Robert Brown
James A. Caillier, Ed.D.
Edgar L. Chase, III
Donald C. Faust
David M. Ferris
Anne B. Gauthier
S. Derby Gisclair
T. Frank Kennedy, S.J.
Dr. Rachel Kent
Barry D. LeBlanc
Rita Benson LeBlanc
Robert A. LeBlanc, Jr.
James R. McBride
Joseph E. Mahoney
Joseph M. O'Keefe, S.J.
Sean O'Keefe
Paul Pastorek
Kevin P. Quinn, S.J.
Richard P. Salmi, S.J.
Stephen Sauer, S.J.
N. John Simmons, Jr.
Paul Soukup, S.J.
Ileana Suquet
Carol G. Waguespack