September 22, 2014
Via Email

Fr. Ronald Mercier, Provincial, Jesuits USA Central and Southern Province
Rev. Kevin Wildes, President, Loyola University New Orleans
Mr. John Finan, Chair, Board of Trustees, Loyola University New Orleans
Ms. Gita Bolt, General Counsel, Loyola University New Orleans

Dear Fr. Mercier, Rev. Wildes, Mr. Finan and Ms. Bolt:

I am sending you this link to which is a new website we will publicly launch next week as the next step in our campaign to win justice for former LOYNO employee Ms. Sharron Mangum.

Please contact me if you have any questions, find anything in the website that is inaccurate or if you want to amicably discuss resolving Ms. Mangum's case.

Best Regards,

Ray Rogers
(718) 852-2808